The Biggest Mistakes You Do While Using Menstrual Cups

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Menstrual cups are not new in the context of hygiene products when it comes to the hard days of your cycle, but it has not been very popular. But slowly and steadily it is gripping the market. The menstrual cup with all its advantages will get hold and become the nerve of the market in no time. There are many uses of the menstrual cup that makes it all more desirable and answers the question of why to use a menstrual cup.

But how to use a menstrual cup and wash it is still a big question. that pops up in the minds of the people now and then. Once you are sure of which menstrual cup is best for you, you can follow certain tips that will stop you from committing mistakes while using the menstrual cup that will make your life easier.

Things to keep in mind while using the cup

Do not insert the cup in a wrong manner

The best way to use the cup is by going through the instruction manual before using it. It removes the doubts from your mind and you are more confident to start with it. Get hold of the different folds that can help you during the insertion of the cup. Once you know what suits you the best then you can go ahead with your menstrual cup and relax once it sits comfortably in your vagina. The important thing to note is that in case you do it the wrong way it can cause you pain, discomfort, and unnecessary concerns.

Use the correct size

As we all know that using the right size is very important or else it will defeat your purpose to have comfortable periods. A wrong six can make you uncomfortable and can cause leakages. There are instructions given regarding the size as well as it differs with different companies. So the best way is to go through the instructions and choose the size as per your need.

Clean your hands
Though it is the foremost thing to do most of the people forget that and this can really put you in trouble. You need to wash your hands before even touching the menstrual cup. Before inserting and removing the cup it is an essential step to follow.

Cleaning the cup in the right manner

Cleaning the cup is very important but how to use a menstrual cup and wash it is really important. Sterilizing the cup is imperative when you are using it but as you cannot do it again and again, it is better to use a cup cleanser especially formulated for it to clean it.

Not inserting the cup too deep

While using the cup it should be kept in mind that the cup should not be inserted too deep. Rather it should sit low in your vagina and not over your cervix. It can be the most comfortable position for the cup and would make you feel comfortable as well.

With all the uses of the menstrual cup and getting the answer on how to use a menstrual cup and wash it in the right manner, the question as to why use a menstrual cup. should not torment you and you can carry on with the best one you have and enjoy your periods.

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